Obsessed with the old Wild West "A BUNCH OF COWBOYS" decided to find out what was missing from their lives.
Whilst riding through the prairie with Chief light cloud and a few of his friends, they came upon an old cinema and started to watch some of the old films that had been left there. One man seemed to dominate these old movies! Suddenly it hit them, that if they could only find him they could relive the old times.
So Clint brought along his ole guitar and that night as they were singing and dancing around the camp fire and talking about the old John Wayne movies, a ghostly voice came out of the wilderness. Then.....who should appear from behind a cactus but their old friend comedian Ray Turner. They decided to record the song they had come up with on Clint's old tape recorder!
Unfortunately a Bounty Hunter rode past and heard them recording "THE HELL I WILL" - he accused them of crimes and cruelty against music! They fled into the desert! Since then the Bounty Hunter has been hunting them to obtain the master recording to destroy it. A few years later,fed up with Hiding from the Bounty Hunter the cowboys emerged from the desert and thought the hell with it!
After trying to communicate with smoke signals and getting no response they found this new fangled machine called a "Computer" and found out all about digital downloads. So they retrieved the recording from the cave where they had hidden it and rather than be held to ransom by the Bounty Hunter they have now let it loose on The World Wide Web as a download! After all, all they ever wanted to do was have a bit of fun!!
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